Coach Herman's/Houston's head coaching ranking

Two different sites did Head Coaching ranks today: 1) Athlon ranked all 128 coaches and Herman came in 14th. Underdog Dynasty ranked the coach jobs in the AAC and Houston came in #1 without question:


Herman is the top coach from the Group of 5 ranks.

Underdog Dynasty

Houston is one of the two major hubs in arguably the most fertile recruiting ground in the nation. It is the only school with any tradition of success in East Texas (Texas A&M is a tweener; I’d call it east-central). Not only does it have an immense talent pool to draw from within its own city limits and surrounding suburbs, but it’s no more than 6 hours by car from any city in another pond stocked with talent: Louisiana.

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Putting Willie Fritz above Rhule is ridiculous.

So is Frost at #11. UCF is coming off 0-12, and he has the #2 class in the AAC right now. He is going to be a beast.

CTH ranking is #1 with me – I don’t care about how the media outlets rank them.

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