Coach Holgorsen Radio Show

Don’t forget Coach Holgorsen Radio Show every Tuesday at EaDO’s Little Woodrow’s at 7p.


I never hear it, it’s on at same time as my church choir rehearsal and they need me there. They need me as a body due to the small number of guys more than my voice. There’s only 11 guys in the choir and about two dozen ladies.


I’ve never been to a radio show before. I am planning on going this year. Do you know if CDH or players that appear take time to do autographs/ pictures?

If you can’t catch it live a recording is always put up on Spotify under the Coogs Corner podcast


You can hear the interview on Spotify. They usually get posted by the next morning.

I miss them live, too, due to work, but catch up either later that evening (if they upload the episode fast) or the next morning.

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Coach is obviously there and in previous years he brings one player or assistant coach to be interviewed one segment.
They are both available off air for a short chat or autograph. Got my football signed at Horgorsen’s first radio show. He was very nice about it.