Coach Hughey had his chance- Time for a Change

That whole department is layered with fat. Executive directors, senior associate ADs, special assistants, sub-directors, associate attache to the sub-director’s assistant paper pusher. It’s like the Greek social security administration. But we’re broke when it comes to coaches.

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We don’t gamble or shake things up - never had

the same people will keep hiring from the same pool so you get the same results

Maybe you got to shake up the folks who do the hiring and get different perspectives

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Why do you think we retain so much middle management when there is AD turnover? Don’t new ADs usually bring in their own crew?


Big 12 women’s hoop looking tough going forward.
What do they see in this coach to think it changes ?

“combining the current Big 12 and the future Big 12, the league went 9-1 in the First Four and the first round.”

The fact he still has a job is crazy… he should have been let go 2 years ago


I don’t like it when nice guys gets fired. Hughey is a nice person. This is why I think you always hire mean people.

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A lot of truth to that.

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I just saw on Tweeter there are now 4 women’s players in the portal. That’s not good.

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Preach brother funk! Preach!

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Maybe for them it is lol

Interesting thread on X starting with Kris Gardner and Scott & Holmes Pawcast regarding the UH WBB entering the transfer portal. 9 of 13 (who saw action) and 69% of the minutes.

This is not CULTURE. Time for a CHANGE!

Well. It appears he’s keeping the better players. That’s positive.

Who are the better players?

Several of the ones listed who have NOT hit the portal lol.

Appears to me, that’s not the case. Loosing large part of production and minutes.

When you were 5-13 in the conference, it’s not a big deal if you have a complete roster overhaul. And the Big 12 is losing its best two teams on the women’s side. But some decent ones coming in too in Arizona, Utah and Colorado.

This is really a good time to make a change. UH is missing the boat. Women’s basketball has never been hotter on the national stage. But the difference between the haves and the have nots is getting greater all the time. I guess we’ll just have to watch the good teams from afar.