Coach Hughey had his chance- Time for a Change

I may not get invited back to an alumni weekend but, enough is enough. Players deserve better. Alumni deserve. Donors deserve better.

Who else finds this unacceptable?

In 10 years, cupcake pre conference schedule and marginal Conference records. Piss poor Big 12 1st season. Recruits well, lacks Xs and Os game strategy and management.

Time for a change.

Year School Record Conference
2014-15 Houston 6-24 1-17
2015-16 Houston 6-24 2-16
2016-17 Houston 12-19 4-12
2017-18 Houston 20-12 9-7
2018-19 Houston 15-16 9-7
2019-20 Houston 12-19 5-11
2020-21 Houston 17-8 12-5
2021-22 Houston 18-16 7-9
2022-23 Houston 15-16 10-5
2023-24 Houston 14-17. 5-14 (out 1st round which is a qualifier for the tournament).

And, Tech had a 9 game losing streak coming into this game.


Preach it, Reverend Perez!!


His teams, at least to me have been virtually impossible to watch. Helter-skelter defense, poor shooting and silly turnovers are not good ingredients for success.
I just feel sorry for the Blair kid because she is really good.
Hughey had the same resources as Sampson and look at the difference 10 years later.


Fortunately most folks don’t watch WBB and really don’t care about it cause we are an embarrassment so no big deal either way

That’s one way to look at it. But if you’re gonna field a team in a top 3 conference shouldn’t you at least put some effort into it?


Yeah, he’s definitely not it. Hughely has a losing record at UH. That program can, and must, do better.


Is he fired yet lol


It’s been time for him to go.WBB has a chance to be a good program w/the right coach and resources

Wonder if the school will be able to cough up the $260,000 he will be owed for next year

I was wrong wrong wrong about this coach and hopes of rhis year’s accomplishments

I’m guilty as well. Bought into his pre-season hype. Eternal optimism.

Well I guess was hoping he would turn it around

Rice just won the AAC tournament (by 20) and is going to the NCAA’s. Third year there for their new coach. Changing coaches doesn’t have to be hard.

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Is he fired yet?
Man, our AD has no vision.


No vi$ion is correct. Still waiting for some more b12 money to pay for things like this. Tennis, softball, hopefully baseball, and possibly soccer are all due for massive upgrades.

Could be wrong about soccer but I think we are on an upward trend

Still on the fence, not near as dire as the others.

I think there are a couple of issues. First and foremost we are not exactly flush with cash. I don’t think the athletic department cares about womens basketball enough to buy him out. Second is he is protected by Chizer and she is somehow winning administrator awards for women’s basketball so she must be a great salesperson. But that was her hire and her baby and he’s going to get way more of a chance than anyone else does to succeed. Baseball similar in that he is a homegrown Coog, he used to be good and he and Pez go back decades. It seems like he’s mailing it in at this point, but I believe he’s signed through 2026?

I’m not sure about softball and tennis but their salaries can’t be more than 100K. It’s just plain apathy to not make changes there.


You hit it on the nail…very few care one way or another. It would be like this at most schools

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