Coach Hughey: Play for Kaila Chizer

Ronald Hughey, Houston Cougars women’s basketball head coach, discusses how the team is dealing with / coping with the tragic death of Kaila Chizer. Kaila, 26, was Houston’s Director of Basketball Operations.

In August, Kaila died of a “subarachnoid hemorrhage due to ruptured intracranial aneurysm.”

I wouldn’t think a 26-year old dying from a brain aneurysm is “natural”.

Agreed. But, that’s how the coroner stated it.

Note: I removed “died of natural causes” from the initial post.

I mean…life is like that sometimes. Stuff happens, even for young people.

Not common but it happens. A woman I worked with way back when lost her husband that way. He was in his mid 30s.

Houston Cougars guards Laila Blair and Britney Onyeje plus forward Bria Patterson discuss the “Play For Kaila” theme this season.