Coach K: College basketball can't afford another tourney cancellation

The tourney apparently represents a huge chuck of the NCAA’s basketball revenue, according to Coach K. Cost $375 million in revenue last time.
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Law, you are serving the people their daily news right now man.

I love it.

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Football will be harder to pull off but if this saliva test really works and can be scaled and especially if there can be a cardiac exam for anyone that gets COVID there’s really not a reason we can’t have a college basketball season in some fashion, even if it needs to look a lot different than a normal season.

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I have to admit that I was never aware that China hated American college football and basketball so much !!

Coach K is right!

At minimum the NCAA tournament will happen in a bubble. That is for sure. The NCAA also wont sit back and do nothing like in football, which they don’t really control anyway. They will do something to make it work. Maybe no conferences if it comes to it, all regional games or bubbles set up for mini tournaments for the season. I think it is also easier to push back the season a month or two for basketball if needed.

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Just play. If we are waiting for a time when it is Covid free we are going to be waiting a long time.


A vaccine will relieve some of the fear for people