Coach K Is Frustrated With the NCAA. Will They Do Anything About It?

Coach K is quite frustrated with the NCAA saying it has no direction and is more reactive than proactive. If the NBA start accepting high school players, he fears high school basketball teams may form leagues with their own TV deals and the NBA promoting it.

Why go to college? Simply play AAU basketball, get paid then go to the NBA and get paid more. Isn’t that what people want who don’t want college athletes being paid?


I think that’s not a bad idea. Why should a kid pretend to be a student for a year and then go pro when he could be getting paid above board?

The flip side is colleges could recruit kids that really want an education. Somehow student athletes serious about being a student doesn’t seem like a bad thing.


Poor guy.


Then quit. Go coach in the NBA. I’m sick of these coaches who whine and complain basically because they can’t force these kids to go to school and play ball for them. I hope the best of the best high schoolers start going overseas more for a year why not start making money now.


See to the blue bloods that’s absolute blasphemy. They are scared of this rule and that it will lead to more parity.

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Haha go to AAU to get paid to go play pick up and not learn defense to take that with them to the NBA to have fans pay to see an unfinished product and little development. The ones getting hustled are the fans if that happens.

I agree 100% we’re just seeing how parity the college basketball is right now. I keep hearing 10-15 top players per class would declared for the draft.

I disagree on AAU as I have a son playing it now. There are some bad programs but there a lot of good AAU programs. I have actually had more issues with the school coaching and then our AAU program. AAU gets blamed for all of the ills though.

There are MAYBE 10 kids a year that are ready to go straight from HS to the NBA, and that’s being generous. Let them go if they’re ready. It’s not a big deal.

Oh, unless you’re Duke, UK, NC, Kansas and a select few other programs that consistently get these kids. God forbid Coach K put in work in developing players over multiple years instead of handing out cash to guys like Zion, Hurt and Carey every summer.


Where was Coach K last year with this gripe ?

The AAU ( Amateur Athletic Union) would have to change its name if they were to start paying players to pay.

They will call the payment a Stipend. Do colleges give athletes stipends and they are supposed to be amateur athletics?