Coach No D History of Incompetence

8 players off his last defensive squad, 2015 Miami Hurricanes, were drafted into the NFL.

That year he gave up 58 to Clemson and let Al Golden fall on his sword.

The following year with 3 true freshman linebackers Miami went from 77th in scoring allowed to 17th.

Run defense went from 115th to 21st.

Yards allowed went from 86th to 13th.

Sacks 64th to 22nd.

Tackles for loss 96th to 5th.

Now only 2 of those players went to the nfl draft that season. The other 6 went over the next 2 drafts.

1 big change.


Geezus lol

I think the guy can coach LBs, specifically ILB. Not sure he really knows what to do with everyone else on the field.

Mentioned this in the game thread at one point, but this week, I’ve seen two separate instances of proof that the players have no faith in him. I have a feeling that he may not be with the team past Memphis.


With our DL unable to compete NoD insisted on having our linebackers play soft like our corners.

I think the guy gets confused playing tic tac toe

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On one particular first half 3rd and 3 in our territory, our corners were lined up 6 yards off the ball. 6 yards on a 3rf and 3. They probably could have run for the first down but they threw. Picked up the first and then some.

Just retarded.