Coach Rank 2020 - Three Man Weave

11. Kelvin Sampson, Houston

Score: 87
Raw Rank: T-18th
Relative Rank: T-9th

It’s not talked about enough the job Kelvin Sampson has done at Houston. The Cougars have finished 18th, 12th, and 14th overall the past three seasons, easily the school’s three best finishes in the KenPom era. Sampson has resurrected a once-proud Houston program that had only seen one NCAA Tournament since 1992. Elsewhere, Sampson had a top 30 and a top 15 squad in his two seasons at Indiana and two top ten teams at Oklahoma. Everywhere he’s been, Sampson has succeeded.


Interesting… Shaka #74, Jankovich #75.

AAC has two in the top 15 (Sampson #11, Marshall #15). The names in the top 20 include absolute legends.

I think Brian Gregory at USF is much better than #214.


It is imperative that we all keep buying tickets as long as the Sampson’s run this show. Both as a thanks and as system of self-preservation. Keep the man happy.

As long as Sampson keeps our team NCAA Tourney relavant and in the conversation for the AAC championship we will have no problem selling tickets.

Shaka is hanging on by a tread… It’s now or never for him in Texas. He’s fortunate to not have been fired a year ago. He has a veteran cast now.

That’s why we root for Shaka to make the tourney and get killed by UH