Coach Ronald Hughey: "The culture dictates that you respect everybody."

Coach Hughey previews Houston’s 2022-23 season opener against Louisiana (Nov. 7). He also discusses the need for his players to always respect the opponent. Plus, he comments on Houston’s non-conference schedule for this season.

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Good job. Hoping the women make some noise this year!

I’m glad your tune has change a bit :clap:

Gotta support UH :muscle:

I still think it is a pivotal year for coach Hughey. SI have always liked him but have been disappointed with the team most years.
Since womens hoops goes virtually unnoticed he gets less criticism unlike football, baseball.
Would love to see Hughey and the Coogs step it up.
I root for everything Cougar

The Ladies are not looking good so far…

I really can’t believe he is still the HC of our women’s program. He can’t coach. Period. He should have been fired a couple of seasons ago or even last season to allow for the new HC some time before joining the Big12. Very bad decision by our AD, imo.

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It apparently was ugly last night and an expected outcome. Problem is very few give a hoot about most womens sports at UH unless we are winning at a high level.
And I truly believe we could and should be winning at a high level in womens hoops.
Just more disappointment to start the season

We looked bad. Only made it to third quarter before I tuned out. We should not be getting drubbed by ULaLa. Period.

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I honestly blame the AD for not making a change at the end of last season.
What else does he want to see from this HC?


Pezman needs to be fired!!!

This coach needs to be fired right away. Enough of this nonsense.

This really is beginning to get old…

I find this very interesting, Jackson State beat ULL 70-41 and Texas Tech 69-63 in Lubbock with 2 former lady cougars, Miya Crump and 6’5 Daphane White playing key roles. after sitting out last year, Daphine looks like a completely different player on the court. Hmmmm i wonder how that happened, could it be she got coached up, naw no way… :wink:


Apparently no one cares…end of story.

apparently not, i went through th first 13 non conference games on the schedule and came to the conclusion, at the start of confererce play our record will be at best 4-9, as of today i’m on point.

Louisiana-L, N Mexico-L TA&m Com-W Florida State-L Portland-L Florida-L UT Arl-W Kstate-L UMDC-W Rice-L
Middle Ten-L UTSA-W Washington-L

Come on Ladies make me eat crow…We haven’t been relevant since Coach Curl, that’s to long…

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I miss Coach Curl. He could recruit and coach kids up. With our facilities and fertile recruiting grounds there are zilch reasons for us to not be really good

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