Coaches Poll Out

Interesting …

UH is the only G5 in the top 25 …

Navy is ranked next outside the 25 from the AAC …

And SDSU has fallen below BoiseSt … though they basically return the same team.

Both FlaSt and OU flopped badly in their high profile bowl games however the coaches ignored this as if something magical happened in the off season (though nothing really did) to propel them both to the top five.

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I think that is a great starting point and pretty fair.

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Let’s go 15-0 boys



Highest rated team in Texas, booyah

  1. Houston
  2. TCU

I bet that rustles Frog fan’s jimmies.

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13 vs 3. Highest ranked match up opening weekend.
Not counting FSU VS Ole Miss… thats on a Monday…

Boise St has more votes.

What about Horns and Ags – both outside the Top 25 and UH at #13?

We are challenging for the CFP, so they might get a NY6.

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