Coaching carousel

Lol the cost of living but I get it. Also his wife may want LA.

If I were a USC fan, I wouldn’t be very happy about a potential Muss hire. Despite a LOT of high-quality transfers, Arky finished outside the top-10 in the SEC and under .500 overall. If we had done that, this board would be apopleptic talking about Sampson being washed. Four Sweet Sixteens in a row or not, that should be enough to give the next team pause in hiring him.

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I don’t know, sounds like that would be a step up. They had nothing but 5 star recruits and maybe a top draft pick and finished outside the CBI. Plus every time they lost they got front page news about lebron’s kid and how mediocre he played and how it was the best thing to ever happen in sports.

ROI on Arkansas transfers was lacking. This leads to disgruntled donors.
High expectations this year with the number of transfers brought in only to have a losing record.
You can’t build a program if you have significant turnover very year.
The internal team drama at Arkansas with individual players probably played a role.

Judging the way Mussleman ran the Arkansas program, I would be unimpressed if I was USC.

Even with this yr he has a .653 winning pct Arkansas.

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Mike Boynton hired at Michigan

Join Dusty May’s staff

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I wonder what other options he has at high majors? What’s still open right now? Wazzu?

Wazzu hired Utah State coach.

Arky fans love Muss despite the bad year.

Muss is from San Diego.

Enfield lived in Manhattan Beach.

Is Wazzu still considered high major?

Washington St playing in the WCC next yr. Ouch

Get hyped for games vs Pepperdine, Pacific, LMU.

They joined the Mountain West for Football, but not Hoops??

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Listened to a little of SMUs presser for the new coach… Very ‘meh’ presser

Coogs Asst coaches being offered.

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Why would anyone prefer Los Angeles, with its limited entertainment, shopping, and restaurant options over Fayetteville, Arkansas?


Why did SMU fire their coach ?

He wasn’t preppy and snooty enough.


One of them was Kellen. Apparently offered the Charleston head coaching job

Chris Mack took the job.

SMU is going to the ACC next year. They were decent this year in the AAC but I’m guessing they wanted a fresh start in men’s basketball to build some excitement.


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