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Will Wade back??

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If we win the NC look for everyone to come after Kellen.


“Will Wade FBI”



Not sure what coaching abilities Quannas has, but every single recruit we go after seems to have him right in the middle of the mix. Would be a huge recruiting-ability loss for us…and possible big coaching loss also.

Take the Jerome Tang route. Just wait for a good mid major or maybe even P5 job

No offense to coach Alvin Brooks, but Lamar aint a great job.

Finished 9-22 this year. Last in their conference

Who knows could be fired next yr

Quannas wants to rebuild McNeese? Into what? A 16-seed in the tournament. Its a bad league


hopefully they are getting a pay bump going into Big12

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Kellen isn’t leaving. CKS has talked extensively about how he has built this thing so that kellen can take it over and not have to take a bad job. Those two are in such lockstep thats not a worry. But Quannas and Hollis for sure will start getting looks here soon at smaller colleges


Probably. Not sure if he’d leave though. Assuming we win, He’s coach in waiting at defending NC school in the best basketball conference in the country in one of the largest cities in the country. His entire family is here and Kelvin isn’t moving again as he already said.


Does Wesley Yates decommit if Washington fires Mike Hopkins?

He can’t. He’s Co 23’ and has already signed his NLI. he would have to petition the NCAA to let him out

They would let him out of his NLI most likely if they fire Hopkins. Thats been the trend like at Ole Miss

Didn’t he coach a game or two when Covid kept Kelvin at home?

Do not leave for McNeese!!! Get a better gig…

as far as i remember, CKS has been pretty clear in interviews that Kellen is formally HCIW, but isn’t going to pass on an otherwise-good job opportunity to wait for his dad to retire. I think it would take a major opportunity for him to leave, but I don’t think it’s out of the question.


ESPN reporting Beard the leading candidate for Ole Miss.

Good for Ole Miss to hire Beard.

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Anything goes in the SEC, just ask Oates.


Honestly, if this happens then I expect Kellen to be our head coach next year.

Syracuse job now open…

They already promoted the associate HC to HC