Coaching staff -early evaluation

After four games (including the bowl game), how confident are you that Applewhite was a good choice for us?

Is there anything impressive about our OC other than that he was on staff of some teams that had recruited good quarterbacks?

I worry that we are sliding back to mediocrity.

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I have nothing nice to say. I am going to take a long nap! And drink some water. Talk to y’all tomorrow


I’ll just say that I think we did a good job with our OL coach hire and DC hire is going better than expected


In Houston it’s about Sports Entertainment. Briles figured it out, Sumlin fell backasswards into it, and Herman knew it. The other guy… well, y’know. Hope Major turns this around. I like the guy but he’s got no energy on camera and if the team is a reflection of their coach… has me worried.


Too soon to say



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Majin I think you got the nail on the head. Applewhite can’t afford to lose games because he can’t sell any energy or entertainment to the base half of succeeding in Houston is keeping this fair weather city engaged.

I just watched Major’s press conference. Literally had to fight to keep from falling asleep. You are right. No. Energy.


It is still too early to say, and I think it will be too early until we see how the season ends.

Edit: However, I think how Applewhite handles the QB issue in the next couple of weeks will be pivotal in determining the outcome of the season. I think you are asking this question as we go into the most important decision he will make as a HC thus far. We need to see what he decides and what are the results before christening or crucifying him.

Sorry, but the “4” games issue doesn’t apply. Last year’s bowl game was after most of coaching staff left, and the players felt abandoned. Jesus couldn’t have coached a victory out of that situation, and you know it.

As for the three games this year, it’s way too early to judge anything. Let’s look at the issues:

Hurricane Harvey causes first game to be cancelled, and most players worried about flooded state of their families. Did CMA handle that life situation poorly? I think not. I thought he handled it very well.

Second game is actually our first game of the year. It’s on the road, with a 9:30 p.m. kickoff. Sure, as expected, offense was more than rusty. No game experience yet. However, D played well, and we got the W. So, that qualifies as a positive.

Third game is actually team’s second game. A large victory, and the second teamers got plenty of PT in the second half. Again, that was a good situation

Fourth game is played at 11:00 a.m., in the heat of the day, in September, in Houston Texas. In other words, a sauna on the field, against a team averaging 54 points per game, and about 620 yards per game coming into the game. We held them to 27 points, and except for 3 long plays on defensive mishaps (kids do get tired when playing in 100+ degree heat on the field with 80 percent humidity), we held their vaunted O to about 250 yards. That’s playing pretty good D. As for the O, the QB played poorly, the WRs were inconsistent, play-calling was inconsistent, and of course, the killer, 5 turnovers. Oh, without those turnovers, we probably win the game.

So, after really one poor game, you’re ready to throw the coaching staff under the bus. Yeah, right, you know football.


Did you like this offense the last 2 years or do you think Ward had more to do with the success than Applewhite?


That makes too much sense for most people that it doesn’t make sense.


It’s Levinsque, at best. A fully first time OC who can’t generate an offense, a first time head coach promoted from within. The atmosphere is relatively low energy.
Seems like 2013 with a struggling qback, an anaemic offense a respectable defense, only this time there is talent in the DL and some experience in the secondary. Regression to 2013 record possible.

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UH hasn’t had much luck when promoting an assistant from the previous staff to head coach. I hope it’s just early and this isn’t history repeating itself.

John Jenkins (OC under Jack Pardee); 18-15
Tony Levine (ST Coordinator under Sumlin) 21-17
Major Applewhite:(OC under Herman) 2-2

This is not too soon to say. Plain vanilla, unimaginative play calling wiling continue to work against us. We don’t have the hosses we have had in the past and need to trick up the offense to be effective. It will never happen as long as Applesauce is our brand.

The game against Arizona was played in Arizona and the game started at 7:30 local time, not 9:30.

I wasn’t asking about four games in terms of W-L but in terms of what signs have there been that this was a good choice. Yes, several games undoubtedly involved adverse circumstances, but commonalities among them in how we play offense have me concerned. this is an early evaluation, of course.

It reminded me of the UConn game of two years ago or the Navy game of last year. So close, just a few plays and we win all three of those games.

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Well that didn’t take long for the “straight shooter” and “leader” talk about Major to turn into “no energy”. #TooEarly


Major got wasted last night?