Coaching Tenures at UH

Looked up our Alltime Head Coaches list for our 78 seasons of College Football.

Only 3 Coaches lasted at least 7 years at UH:

   Bill Yeoman.      25
    Clyde Lee.           7

     Kim Helton.         7

Three more coaches lasted exactly 5 seasons:

     Hal Lahar 

     Art Briles 

    Dana Holgersen 

Dana is tied for 4th. Place as to our longest tenured Head Coach. Seems amazing. Head Coaches don’t stay long.

Bill Yeoman, alone, counts for almost 1/3 of our entire 78 seasons.

This data does not advocate anything. Merely the facts.

If Dana stayed 2 more seasons he would be tied for second place as our longest tenured Head Coach in history. At a mere 7 years.

Not much long term stability in the College Football coaching profession. Look at Aranda at Baylor. Only 2 years removed from winning The Sugar Bowl and fans want him gone. Lincoln Riley at USC is shaky in only his 2nd season there.

Just incredible instability everywhere. :football:


Due to the compensation these coaches get people aren’t giving them long to perform they. Figure 3 yrs ought to do it to show your meddle.

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Yep like the great Bum Phillips said,
"There’s two kinds of coaches, them that’s fired and them that’s gonna be fired.”


Compared to the other newbies in the big 12:

UCF 44 seasons and 12 head coaches
Gene McDowell 13 seasons
George O’Leary 12 seasons

Cincinnati 139 seasons and 40 head coaches
Rick Minter 10 seasons
Luke Fickel 6 seasons
Charles Studley 6 seasons

BYU 101 seasons 15 coaches
Lavell Edwards 29 seasons (1 National Championship)
Bronco Mendenhall 11 seasons

The coaching instability is rampant. Both UH and BYU have had a multi-decades Head Coach who had great success.

After that, not much. Sabin at Alabama is,obviously, a great long term success. In contrast the coaches at Arkansas, Florida, S. Carolina, and A$M look to be gone. Almost 1/3 of The SEC.

Tough profession.