These kids played their butts off.

I actually thought that offensively the game was called well until the end.

We should have won this game and it’s not on the boys.

That onside kick reminded me of the fake last year against Tulane.

The penalties.


The BYU game plan and coaching decisions were the difference. Not their players. Just how they had a plan where as we just do whatever and cross our fingers one of our players will make an athletic play and score

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Coaching kinda sucks. Onside kick and that punt were the difference. UH is close, tho. They just need a few pieces with a bit more depth.

Really close. We are almost there. We can all feel it.

The penalties though.


It was a matter of BYU talent being better than our talent, or their coaching was better than our coaching, or a combination of both.

And their QB being better than ours. No knock on Tune but come on… Dude is special!!! :heart_eyes_cat:

That throw to the end zone for the game clincher.

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The score wasn’t indicative of how close the game was played. We were leading up until the fourth quarter. Defense played really well up until the very end. Yep, penalties cost us big-time and not only that, there were several really questionable calls that made matters worse after the onside kick. The onside kick obviously changed the momentum, but the non-call pass interference led to the short punt. Help me cut my meant I’m gone and scored we were them back on top. Instead BYU takes over and scores again to go up by 10. Ball game we never recovered. Honestly I thought our team played really well but they will come out on top. They were just better tonight. And that quarterback is pretty damn outstanding. Reminds me so much of Case Keenum.

Hats off to BYU. I hope they go undefeated. As for Euston, I think we’re definitely improved from last year. The defense is definitely playing better and tune played a really good game tonight despite the loss. I think we have a chance to win at least eight games which is exactly where I thought we would be. I never expected us to go undefeated.


ST were awful.


Doesn’t help when the refs allowed their players to foul our players, but not vice versa!



And special teams and discipline (coaching)… but yes, we are almost there. Address those glaring issues and UH has a bright future.

2 Games, season is faaaar from over.


That’s fair goose. I still feel like we could have won this one. We might not have been as big or in the Qb area, highly touted. But, we have some underrated guys that can really get after it.

Coaches needed to created more opportunities.

I feel like we could have gotten to their Qb a couple more times on defense.

And why was Bryson out there instead of the transfer from Troy?

And why want speedy targeted more?

There is more.

Because Smith has a year up on Masoud (who’s a freshman not a transfer) if that’s who you’re talking about.

Stevenson must’ve been covered all game.

What ??? Lol

Massoud is a QB


Yes, special teams is our equalizer!

That 13 yard punt hurt. And I hate to call out specific plays on the kids. But, man that was a Learning experience I hope.

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Receivers must of been cover because Tune will give you the ball even if you’re slightly open your way if you’re the best option to throw.

Hire Tony Levine for recruiting!

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You’re joking, right lol

Dude is smiling at his Chick fil A. He is done with that stress. Who would blame him the way our fans went after him at the end?!?


Did Levine have hair or did he lose it with the stress at UH