Coley Spring Interview

Real confident, great personality, fun interview. What we noticed on the sidelines last year comes through, seems like a great teammate. Calls Smith “dope”.


Dope = Excellent


After listening to both Coley and Smith’s interviews, I feel very confident in our QB situation. They both sound very smart and tuned into our offense. It also sounds like our coaching staff has put together a good bunch of kids that will rep us well.

I was interested in Coley’s comments about Jack Freeman and Pancake Hunter at the center position. After listening to both QBs, I feel much more confident in our OL.

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Spring = Mirage


I applaud your enthusiasm and positivity.

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Spring has fooled me more times than a TV weatherman


Both QBs are impressive in their interviews. Whoever does not start needs to put him in charge of the Marketing Department. Will be a great representative for the school.


That’s “dope” for sure. :smile:

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always someone has to rain on the parade. It seems like a requirement


No it doesn’t, it means stupid!


Thanks for us middle aged white guys :weary:

We are so much bigger, stronger and faster than previous springs. No need for an umbrella.

Isnt that what people say every spring?

But this year we almost really mean it. :wink:

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This year we have bigger, stronger and faster recruits, plus now with bigger, stronger and faster transfers that want to be Coogs…this is the year!

I remember going to the spring game in 2014 (Levines last year) as a student at the UH Alumni fields and after only scoring 2 field goals between the 1st and 2nd team offenses … I knew we were in trouble - couldn’t fool me lol


Man, these young men are impressive. I hope we get to see them both on the field.

Wow! Coley is an IMPRESSIVE communicator. He’s more articulate than most NFL players.

He seems like a great kid!


Well, he’s from San Antonio so it makes sense……or is it in spite of being from San Antonio?

Thank you for posting. Competition will give us the answer. I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

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