College basketball No. 1-358 rankings: Preseason countdown concludes with top

Memphis #8
Houston #11
Virginia #27
Alabama #9
UCF# 66
Wichita st #47
SMU# 61


11 is about right. We are a second weekend school now.

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but memphis 8?, how about actually getting into the tourney first before anointing them a top 10

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I agree with you. That is pretty high based on high school talent.

Hmmm, trying to think of a comparison of a Non Tourney team being ranked Preseason top 10 the following season.

The 09-10 Kentucky Wildcats. Caliparis 1st season. Ranked #4 to start the season ( Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe)

They have more than high school talent. The best players at end of last season when they were playing like at least a 6-7 seed are back along with the influx of talent some of which is experienced transfers.

Will see how it comes together but adding a HOF coach along with that talent would have me ranking them quite high with nothing else to go on right now.

I trust Kelvin. Defense and rebounding. Plus we have history of success, when the game is tied with 2 minutes to go, one team is going to expect to win and one is going to hope they win.

Other notables:
Okst #26
Wisconsin #53
ND/Oregon #50/#12

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I’m no Memphis fan - and agree they seem to be liberally over-rated every year since Penny arrived - however, I will acknowledge - they won the NIT last year, Not the NCAA final four - but something to be proud of and demonstrates something positive about the coaching staff, etc…

Memphis. The new Kentucky. All “talent”. More often than not overrated re their on the court performance.

Agree they have most of starting roster back but they did lose their rim protector and the HS replacement is not the same level of threat to seal off the basket.

Don’t mind Memphis being ranked high if they can maintain it until we clash giving us a nice boost with a win.