College Football attendance in Texas through Week 5

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Rice U website states their stadium seats 47,000, expandable to 70,000. Seems like 47,000 is the number SWC Round-up would want to use for them.

For Rice, doesn’t “expandable to 70,000” mean “we will take down the tarps from the seats”? That is not the same definition as other stadiums. It hosted a Super Bowl back in the day and I don’t think they cut the seating in half since then.

No – as I understand it, Rice has removed the bleachers from the areas underneath the tarps. Seating 70,000 in Rice Stadium would require the reinstallation of seating in those areas.

Thanks for the info. I did not realize they had done that. I assume it was either in desperate need of repair or they wanted to cut down on their “official” capacity. It’s been a while since I went to a game there since they liked to charge a premium for the UH events on their campus.

Plus they are doing a major renovation that will eliminate the seats at one of the end zones.

Do the Baylor numbers include all of the lawyers attending the games !!


UTSA’s home stadium is the Alamo Dome and it has a seating capacity of 64,000 for football.

If we lose to SMU this will not be a chart we will want to publicize.

We did it that way for our arena though.

Rice Stadium on Ticketmaster

All Upper Deck GA are either blocked off or given away.

I get that we want to compare our attendance to Rice because comparing it to UT or A&M would be depressing but it’s still setting the bar pretty low.

TX Tech attendance is doable but have to get to Baylor/TCU first. Do you think we’d be near sellouts if CTH had stayed an extra year?

I’m thinking, we first tried to sell more season tickets by making Tech tickets not available as single game tickets. We then tried to have a sell where if you buy a Tech ticket for $75, a first responder gets a Rice ticket. Our students acquired 5k tickets for Rice (not including $20 guest passes) and 7k tickets for Texas Tech. I have a hard time calling them “near sellouts” when 25% of the crowd is a combination of student tickets, giveaways and no-shows from resellers that couldn’t unload them.

We had a flash sale for SMU for $20 and we are actively advertising 2 tickets for $50 as well yet there is nearly 10k red dots on the official ticket page and almost 2k resale tickets out there ranging from $15 to $50. it’s an evening game. SMU crushed us last year and we are slightly favored at home. The Astros won’t be playing. Our offense has struggled but we are 1-0 in conference play which means we are still a contender for a conference championship. So let’s talk about Rice seat availability while we struggle to get 30k show up for our conference home opener.

Well, Baylor and Tech surely have 5-10K students respectively at games. $75 is pricey for Tech. Last year’s hook was getting OU in your season ticket package as a seventh game. We had just played FSU in a bowl game for $150 per ticket.

Rice is still pathetic. Really, really pathetic. We have work to do as well. Attendance basically goes by school size and conference affiliation. We need to outperform in order to change conference affiliation.

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Then continue to compare us to Tech and Baylor since they are in the conference we should be. Rice has 1/5th the student enrollment and definitely has a much higher percentage nerd population than UH. The only time their attendance should be brought up is if someone claims they should be in our conference or in the Big 12 and I haven’t seen anyone make that claim.

Texas Tech easily has double the students at games than us. A&M has gotten 30k students to some games. Also, why would you not count those since student fees cover sporting events? So they actually are paid.

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I’m confused on how that is a reply to me. I said compare us to Tech and Baylor instead of Rice. Also A&M students get nearly $300 added to their fee statement to get their student pass. We can’t sell 30k season tickets for $300 to alumni, so probably want to stay clear of that.

They don’t open the upper decks for UTSA football, though.