College football: Projecting the 2017 records of all 130 FBS teams

This would be the worst-case scenario

Just a note on this one, here are previous rankings from Myerberg:

2016: UH #16
2015: UH #63
2014: UH #38

I’m guessing our five loses in that scenario are USF, Navy, Tulsa, Memphis and …Arizona?

I really can’t see us losing 4 conference games, just looking at espn we’re favored in every one but USF

No way we lose five games. i just don’t see it under any worst case scenario. We simply have too much talent regardless of the coaching staff overhaul. The O-line is healthy, the secondary may be a little suspect, but how much pressure will we be putting on the opposing QB?

Unless our defensive secondary and LB group are the worst they’ve been in 10 years, we’ll win at least 8 games. Even if Allen doesn’t pan out, King and Postma are right there waiting. These are peanut buttered rankings.


Print this off and give it to Coach.

Fake News if there ever was any…just curious…when was the last time these guys were right about anything?

I hope for MA’s sake this does not come true. This would be a disappointment for me.

I dunno, I see the worst case scenario as 2-10, the 2 being ECU and Tulane.

That means Kyle Allen or Postma are totally ineffective, still no running game, this D’Onofrio guy is as bad as he was at Miami and the defense regresses big time, and the team gives up after a loss to SMU because Applewhite is toast.

Of course worst case is 0-12 as anything can happen. That said, the O-Line is healthier and deeper than last year… The entire defensive front is P5 scary and will apply pressure we haven’t been able to in years. We are solid at the skill positions and the only suspect area is the secondary IF the QB can get it to them. I see more than 7 wins. But you are right, anything can happen…

Here’s the specific preview for the AAC:

Still not sure why he says the Coogs will finish 7-5