College football win clubs: last 10 years

Welp it’s the off-season and that means list are coming and I thought this one was pretty good.


Not bad!

Wow, All 4 Future B12 teams are in the 80+ win club…pretty good, I’d say.


I know not everyone has been happy but in reality we have had a pretty good run the last decade! Think about how bad it was the decade before! :slight_smile:

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Outside of the Covid year, when was the last losing season we’ve had? I want to say 2004 or 2005. Honest question. I’m not sure.

On a side note:
Whiners gonna whine.

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Another off topic question;
When was the last time we won 2 bowls game in a row. Nebraska and Navy?

2019 lol

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Hogerson’s first 2 years… 2019 was 4-8 (infamous redshirting) and Covid year was 3-5. The other years were all winning seasons.

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That’s why I asked. It really was an honest question.

So, then only coaches we’ve ever had without a losing season were Levine, Herman and Applewhite? That’s a question.

Great post.
Glass half full or half empty? IMO I choose to be half full.

actually, PITT and FSU, 2014 and 2015 seasons

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and Memphis lol

Levine went 5-7 in 2012 in his first full season.

Damn, my memory is worse than I thought. :anguished:

As I’ve said before though.

Every new coach is entitled to ONE “freebie” sucky season when they first takeover.

Even Kelvin Sampson got one in his first year here.

It’s subsequent losing seasons that tend to raise eyebrows. CDH had two, plus one winning, but disappointing season last year.

CDH has had 2 winning seasons in a row after starting out with 2 losing ones.