College Hoops Today with Jon Rothstein - Houston's Kelvin Sampson

Houston’s Kelvin Sampson is thrilled with the Cougars’ 15-0 start. Are they the best team in the country no one is talking about? Rebounding dominance… What is the “Bubble”? Playing on campus. Where can they still improve? And why the American is on the rise. Plus, Is the Big 12 poised for a champion other than Kansas?

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Definitely worth a listen.

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Rothstein and Katz…my two favorite “on board” national media guys!!!


He said something along the lines that “in order for the system to work you have to have kids who see the whole picture and not the me me and statistics picture that have great character” that to me if we dont get the top recruit who’s a Kobe I’m okay with that in order to go and win some games.


Great listen - thanks for posting!

Yes, Rothstein and Katz are the best. Seth Davis is an utter imbecile.

Was a great interview.