College World Series

Does anyone have a rooting interest in one of the teams?

I guess I’m pulling for NC State, and maybe Florida a little because they are the only “underdog” team still around. Should be a lot of good baseball, though.

Also, has anyone been to Omaha for the CWS? I’ve always wanted to go, and would like to hear what experiences you had if you attended. Seems like it would be great fun to take in the games there.


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NC State overall

FSU and UNC today

I’m in a pick’em with seven others and we did a snake draft before regionals. Only 1st and 2nd get paid and I’ve got Virginia and A&M remaining. In a perfect world those two meet up in the championship and Virginia wins. Only two of us have two teams in the CWS and we just happen to play each other in the 1st round in both games.

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Rooting for nc state?!

What a scrap.
UNC walk off single.

Tenn usually the most unlikable SEC team out there.
Everyone but Vols in tonight’s crowd = FSU fans.

Tenn v FSU
T1. An old friend out to calm down Tenn w bases jammed.
Come back !


I’d like to see them all lose… :grin:


Not really but I know what team I’m not rooting for.

also pulling for nc state as the most representative underdog.

i’ve been to omaha but it was past rosenblatt stadium days; still good but wished i would’ve gone once then. rosenblatt seemed more special than td ameritrade stadium or whatever it is called now. flying into omaha is great, all sorts of oil derrik heads surrounding the airfield and airport makes hobby look like george bush.

I’ve been to the CWS one time and that was back when it was at Rosenblatt. I’ll never forget walking up the stairs from the RF concourse and seeing the field for the first time which was a night game between Miami and Stanford. Rosenblatt was so special because of the history and the surrounding neighborhood which had a Heights type feel with bungalow style homes. Homeowners letting you park in their driveways for a small fee and people grilling out in their front yards and inviting you over for a beer. House bars across the street made for a good time between games and after. I have no desire to go again (unless we make it) because I hear it has such a corporate feel to it now.



Never NC STATE!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


you got your wish, nc state to elimation game, also ags won; but terrible results imo.

1:00 PM CT - #12 Virginia vs #8 Florida State
6:00 PM CT - #4 North Carolina vs. #1 Tennessee]

Every game a walk off cept AM - UF so far.
UF about 2 go ahead late but a great HR robber over the wall.
The catch,

AM game ended at 2am est time.
All the Ag stereotypes acting up in that crowd.
UF fans know them by now but the ordinary fan at the game was uncomfortable.

For Ex:

I wonder if the top 4 national seeds have ever played against each other in the second round at the CWS. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the first time ever.

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they really did that ? extremely disappointing. i’m not putting that on aggie, thats just low class people.

going for unc tonight, just cant root for any ut.


What a piece of shat. I mean that’s a level of personal degeneracy that’s hard to top with one’s mouth. How does that even enter one’s state of mind?

In the era of facial recognition don’t be surprised if that yahoo is banned from all SEC events. Actually looks like a father and son. I was at their Oregon eliminator a few days back. I’m relatively certain I heard that guy mouthing like a hellion. Aggie needs to do better policing their own tribe.

And of course TexAgs defending it…


I have never liked Agy but I do have some friends and relatives who went there and I can tell you they are all embarrassed about this.


Props to Florida players for not throttling those yokels and getting sent home.
Cold blooded. Kids parents get this all back on them.

On the field this AM team is easier to like than Tenn, etc.
That is done now.

Great catch by Tenn CF.
B2 0 to 0.

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I mean, two shitkickers don’t necessarily represent the team. In saying that they can get bounced by Kentucky and I’d be fine