Color and font changes to site

Whoever is making these changes… :ok_hand::thumbsup:

I especially like the white to gray gradient!

I like just about everything on this site except how long it takes to load some of the threads that have a bunch of media uploads.

Thanks Eric! Yes trying to spruce things up here (i’m the one doing it, I am a web designer). Trying to lessen the white space so it’s not so hard on the eyes.

Hey Red:

I undestand. That’s not a function of our software, The media is being pulled in from other sites in real time like Twitter and that can cause a lag.

There’s a tendency on this site for threads to become really long. A topic will be dead for a month, and all of the sudden there’s a new post in that topic.

Perhaps because every time you try to start a new post, it asks you if your topic is similar to some other ongoing threads.

And that’s fine. But the end result is that you get a lot of long posts with multi-month discussions that contain a bunch of media content.

Will these changes occur on mobile as well?

They have been applied to mobile, but the mobile layout is a bit different as it goes edge to edge so it’s not as noticeable. I can see them on my ipad.

The logo should be different on all platforms.

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The style of the site is “endless scroll”, which facebook pioneered. I like it and for the most part people like it especially on mobile, but without pagination it can annoy some users and I get that. There is a button to jump down to the latest post, and if you stay logged in and allow cookies it should jump to the new content.

The endless scroll can’t be changed as it’s the heart of the software.

Ill see if we can switch off the similar topic feature, and maybe we can try that for a while and see how folks like it.


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