Color Me Impressed

Yep, UH basketball :basketball: has finally arrived. It took 5 years, but now the payoff like recruiting should be fruitful. And fans are coming back as well. With the Rockets stinking it up, UH basketball has become king in Houston :sunglasses: #ForTheCity

I mean, they can always get better, but Brooks was 7 of 13 from the 3 pt line. I don’t know if I’d lump him in with the “way too many open shots missed” crowd.

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Oh, ok coogman…i guess they are individuals as opposed to the team???I said Brooks and Company and yes Brooks missed open shots that were not from 3 point range.

Basketball and baseball are two sports where you can fail more than 50% of the time and still be considered a good, maybe even a great, player. No one should gripe about 45% shooting from the floor. 49% of our shots are 3 pointers so that 45% total as a team is plenty, with our D to get us where we want to be come March.

Stop focusing on the negative, man. Those vibes bring me down.

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Our stifling defense makes up for the missed shots. When we miss and the opponent gets the rebound nothing happens. The opponent cannot score so we get the ball back and we then score the next time down the court.

Our current National ranking is the highest of any AAC team.

This team is just really, really good.


The awesome part of all this is Fabian isn’t quite back to form yet and we haven’t gotten Jarreau back. If this team can get–and stay–healthy, this could be a really special year.


Concerned about Alley’s 3 point shots. Not afraid to keep jacking them up, but man missing badly. Wanted yeah, pass the ball. We need a score.

Last I checked, Brooks FT % was 0.600. For as good a shooter as he is, he should be at about 0.800+.

Section…you have your opine and I have mine…the board is for the opine and if my perception doesn’t match your perception, then so be it. I guess when the Coogs eventually lose a game and we talk about them losing, then that will give you negative vibes? LMAO

I looked this morning at it was .636. FT shooting is just a matter of good form and practice. Fatigue figures in during tournament time but other than that, we should be 80%. I think, if we have a steady area for improvement, it’s from the stripe.

You’re complaining about a guy missing some open looks but goes 7-13 from the floor. Have you ever played basketball? Find me a player that has played 75% or more of game minutes who has ever had a game where they didn’t miss an open look. I’m talking shooters not Wilt Chamberlain types. There are probably some instances but they would be extremely rare.

Does this team have coach for the big guys? I still find the development of big guys disappointing.


Funny you should say that because I was just bragging on the inside moves of Brady against OSU. There weren’t many but he showed some flashes. I am not a Sampson expert so not sure if he does not believe in the post-up / low-post play or if he just doesn’t have “his guy” yet. To be fair though, he has not had a ton of clay to work with until last season. The prior guys were effort guys and were more likely to shoot / hit a 3-pt shot than post up in the paint.

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Yeah why wasn’t Armoni 13 of 13 from deep?!?!


Brison Gresham is the first serious front court recruit this staff has gotten and while he’s still raw, he’s already one of the better offensive rebounding and shot blocking centers in the country.

Devin Davis improved dramatically from year 1 to year 2 and was an insanely critical part of last year’s team taking the step it did.

Breaon Brady has lost nearly 100 pounds and is playing noticeably better on both ends of the court, along with playing noticeably more minutes.

Are you upset that we don’t have a 20/10 guy? Do you actually follow basketball? I’m not sure based on your assessment.

You little upset tonight with your retorts. Dog must not have greeted you at the door. Hopefully it gets better for ya! :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, I should just let someone bash our coaching staff and players. My bad, homie.

I’m sure I’m next. Ho hum

Must have missed the bashing part, he just said he thought Center’s weren’t developing quick enough. It’s ok you let THEM both know. Btw no Homie here…what is exactly a homie? :grin:

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Armoni is the best shot I have seen around here in years!

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