Color Me Impressed

Watched the game on Fox. Very, very enjoyable.

Our defense, including rebounding, is outstanding. Looks like the results of outstanding coaching.

For the first time in forever we have a Nationally competitive program.

This team is better than last year’s.


After the first five minutes I thought to myself we have this game. We are the better team. It’s a great feeling. It’s a testament to what the Sampson family has brought here. This should be a special year.


We need to support them, I know I’m preaching to the choir here.


Listened to the whole game on the radio. There was no color commentary, just plain blow by blow game broadcast. Tell you what, that was enjoyable radio.


Keep holding teams in the low 40’s going into the final 6-7 minutes and we can win against anyone we want.


We’ve held our last 3 opponents to their lowest scores of the season


We did all in this game…However, we went to the line only TWICE in the entire game.> Exactly ZERO times in the second half…

We always seem to play the clean/non-fouling teams. Never mind Galen getting mugged near the end line, refs look at monitor…no foul ! Corey getting tripped out in plain view, no foul !!

This is why it is HARD to win on the road.


I can appreciate that statement. There are times when I think the game has become secondary to the antics and over the top “personalities” of the announcers.


This team is better in different ways but hard to compare. The depth is better for sure. Brady is a little better staying out of foul trouble and the bigs have been better about protecting the rim. I do miss Devin’s baseline jumper and Rob’s backup PG role and creativity with a shot clock approaching zero. When Fabian hits his stride, this team will be very good. Galen is the key to the offense…how long can he go every game will determine their success IMO.


We didn’t drive much in this game and when we did the lane was either wide open or OSU got a clean block. Like Oregon, OSU is long and our two best drivers are short.

I like the pick and roll we are starting to run that wasn’t there last year probably because our bigs weren’t skilled enough at the time to run it and Rob could create on his own.

Despite OSUs length our rebounding was great yesterday once again. Position and hustle >>> being tall.

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Just wait until Jarreau is back. He can drive to the basket. Oh, in a different note, nice game by Brady; kinda reminds me we need to add another BIG for next year. I’ve seen :eyes: enough of Chris Harris to know he is a situational player like Goesling. Pls, bring in another big coach Sampson.

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What took you so long :sunglasses:

I’m not ready to say this team is better than last year’s. Different and good in different ways. Last year’s team was really good.

If Corey’s shot fully comes back (I can’t imagined it won’t), if Fabian progresses quite a bit over the next few months, if Ced can get his 3pt shooting to about 30% on 3 or so attempts per game, if Deeky is able to contribute like we think he can, if Nate keeps improving and doesn’t hit a wall, then we will be better. All of those things don’t necessarily have to happen but a few of them do.

The biggest upgrade between last year and this year right now is Galen Robinson this year vs. last. Adding a credible 3pt shot has made a world of difference with his game.


We were a 30-foot buzzer beater away from beating last year’s national runner up and finished top 25 in KenPom. We were nationally competitive last year.

Will agree that defensively and rebounding wise we’ve taken it to another level, which I wasn’t sure was possible after last year.


His much improved perimeter shooting is a big help!

Our D & rebounding is outstanding!

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Way too many open shots missed by Brooks and company on Sat at OSU. Galen Robinson needs to be more of a scorer which will open up the inside some more.

He’s never been much of an outside threat until this year. He’s averaging 8.8 ppg so far vs 4.7 last year. But the real difference is his 3-point shooting. .435 so far this season vs .182 last season. I think he’s doing his job very well. He may be the most improved player on the team so far, except for his free throws at .636 which is pitiful.


Yeah, Galen Robinson will never be a great scorer. He picks his spots on when to score.

Bottom line is that we have arrived on the national scene. We have depth, good starters, a great coach, facilities, on TV regulary. We are in the conversation which makes it easier to get us into the dance. Once in for the second year in a row, the process gets easier to get top notch recruits. Remember the dumpster fire five years ago!! Five years ago, not even a CBI invite!