Come on Texans

You are playing at home. Ok Bill OB is your coach but…

Obrien is going to deliver his usual post Christmas gift.


BoB needs to scrap every play he’s called so far. Just terrible.

Don’t know why people pay good money to keep going to watch the Texans lol

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I started to prepare dinner after the first quarter. Every time I look up at the tv Watson has three guys hanging from his jersey.

It’s okay if one of those guys is Ed.



Blanked at home in the playoffs for the 1st half. Only Bill O’Brien could accomplish such an amazing feat.


Booger call’out BOB…He needs to put up or shut up.

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Two years in a row. Wasn’t it 21-0 at halftime last season?

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Haha, announcer just pointed out that Bills QB Josh Allen has more receiving yards (plus a receiving TD) at halftime than Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins. Says, “that’s a problem”…

I’d like to be a Texans fan but they’ve never given me good reason to be one. I watched every game when Case Keenum started, haven’t watched an entire half of Texans football since the QB Whisperer gave Case the boot…


Yup. Lost 21-7. 14-0 after Q1. 21-0 at half. Colts packed it in and just weathered the pathetic 2nd-half effort of the Texans.

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We were at the Colts game last year and it was over pretty much from the whistle. We were in Belize a few weeks later and saw a guy with a Colts cap. We started talking and he couldn’t help but laugh at how terrible the Texans played.

The announcer was talking about Hyde rushing for 1000 yards – like that’s a big deal. Back in the day, when colleges played 10 games and pros 12 games, 1000 yards was a big deal. But in 16 games not so much IMHO.

62.5 yds/game gets you to 1,000. Watching the Texans for the first time this year, it sure seems like a big deal to me that they had someone rush for 1,000!!!

Looks like the Watt sack has ignited the team. Let’s see how they finish.

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How many players ran for 1000 this year?

"We have freeze frame technology ". Haha take that official review guy! Lol

  1. But 26 of the top 50 had more than the 4.4 yards per carry that Hyde had. 5 others matched Hyde’s 4.4. Like I said, its not that big a deal. Back in the day, there may have been 1 or 2 with 1000 yards in a season. But however you slice it, 1000 in 16 is not as impressive as it is in 12.

Texans are going to win this thing.

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