Computer Science

My daughter is graduating with degree in computer science and is currently looking for job in this field. Let me know if anyone is hiring.

This is the company I work for. It’s domestic and global IT solutions which is usually what computer science grads migrate to overall. It’s a company that bought out about 25 computer resellers. There are jobs in inside and outside sales, a tech team to support internal IT needs etc. They let you work remote. Not sure of specific hiring needs but it’s a company with over 3k globally but you can work remote so no need to move.


I’m sure there are more openings than this

Also she might need to think outside the box. She got a computer science degree so she should go into the IT industry for sure but she could try inside sales or the general tech team where they work as a group to solve IT issues for the company internally and externally. If she’s more extroverted she could end up in sales bc they need to be somewhat technical. I studied business and history along with a tech diploma fixing PCs at first then moved into purchasing where I’m at now. I just notice the degree gets you in but then you end up somewhere related to it or morph into other things in that industry . We had a girl who got a computer science degree then she was hired in inside sales then she became a sales rep making lots of money.

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I’d say she should look for a job in the IT field like my company or a local computer reseller company that sells and supports IT then it’s a bunch of opportunities in that company to move up or within

She is high functioning autistic so she is somewhat of an introvert.

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I did email my HR manager for a more direct web link for openings. I’ll let you know. Inside sales is diff from direct sales bc your not actually selling to customers but supporting sales reps then we have a tech team where they support and really learn IT.

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Only time you need to be an extrovert is outside sales but all other jobs she could do.

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Thanks hoping she can find something working remote as that would be ideal.

My HR rep said try emailing then they can direct her

So that’s a start but I’d suggest like said going to a computer reseller if not converge then there are so many options from there in her field. Converge is big on remote work.

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I’ll pass this on to her.


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Does she have a resume or a LinkedIn

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She does have a linkedin and resume but she needs to update both since graduating and working part time.

PM me her GPA and what school she graduated from, if you’re comfortable doing so.