Concessions/Food at Fertita Center

How would yall rate the concessions at Fertita Center? I’m a new season ticket holder, so just curious.

Is it pricey?

Do you get a discount with that Cougar Membership card?

Edible, but not great.


When Fertitta Center was conceptualized, there was a great bit of attention paid to many details. Concessions was not one of them.


Chick-Fil-A works for me (but not on Sundays)


The food is better than it was the first couple of years but i wouldn’t buy unless I was starving or craving it. The food at TDECU has greatly improved.

Chicken nachos 13
Hot dog 6
Souvenir cup 8 (but worth it)
Fuddruckers burger combo 17? It’s good comes with chips and drink but not refillable
Chick fila add a 1.50 to the normal prices

That’s about all i remember

I think you guys are way to picky. It’s damn good for stadium food. Good burgers, Chick-Fil-A and the nachos always looked pretty good. It’s a stadium not a Perrys.


Had the Fuddruckers Chicken sandwich last time and it was tasty. Pretty good for arena food.

The BBQ nachos are decent for stadium food

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The beer is cold. I don’t ask for much else.


Don’t really care for it. It’s basic stadium/arena food. Chick-fil-A is about the only thing I would get and beer. Be sure to get the seatz app and your food and drinks will be delivered to your seat.

Looked for fuddruckers and couldn’t find it. Someone know where?

The soft drink machine in the club area was completely out of service.
Something we’ve been used to since they installed it.


When UH played Kentucky in the NCAA we went and watched at FC. they had concessions open. I went to the soft drink machine and tried to get it to work. Dane Roy walked up behind me in a Rockets game jersey, looked at the machine and hit it with his fist.

We both just stared at it for about ten seconds. Then he said, “ye…it’s broke, mate.”


Being that Tillman is the Chairman of the board of regents and is big on hospitality and good service, that he would allow things like broken soda fountains in the club section to take place. My guess if he knew about some of the hospitality issues at Fertitta Center, he would make some changes happen.


The Fertitta Center food isn’t any better than that at TDECU which is on par with the Berry Center, yikes. :flushed:

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We need Killen barbecue at both places.

Food was much better over at TSU . . . . .


If you’re going towards the entrance on Holmann then on the left where Chick-fil-A is it’s the big concession stand on the left i think where the kids stuff is or the trophy’s idr well but it’s somewhere there. To the left.

Best food in a stadium goes to minute maid. They have a little bit of everything and it’s hot.

Second tied to TDECU and Texans club specifically

Then PNC

Then Fertitta

Last would be Toyota Center

Thanks. Walked right by it

I didn’t think it was that great but I do miss the TSU Frito pie.
I don’t remember any other food there.