Concussion Lawsuits

Next wave of concussion lawsuits hits conferences, and for Penn State, schools
Former players from Penn State, Auburn, Georgia and other major programs have named the NCAA, conferences and other entities in the latest concussion lawsuits

Former college football players at Penn State, Auburn, Georgia, Oregon, Utah and Vanderbilt are suing the NCAA, their former conference and – in some instances – their former school over how their concussions were treated.

Six class-action lawsuits filed Tuesday represent the start of the next wave of concussion litigation in college sports, even as the NCAA finalizes a $75 million settlement from a different lawsuit related to concussions. Chicago attorney Jay Edelson, who is leading this latest effort to sue the NCAA, said 40 to 50 class-action lawsuits will eventually get filed on behalf of tens of thousands of ex-football players.