Conference tourney. 2b or not 2b

college gameday had a great discussion on conference tourneys and whether top teams would skip them in order to mitigate covid risk and the chance of testing positive and missing march madness…
so let’s discuss, should UH skip the aac tourney? you have to test neg for 7 str8 days before going to indy…
seems 2 benefits.potentially another team gets in from the aac assuming they dont test positive after and UH limits exposure

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Skip it (if given a choice that is). I don’t want another “what could have been” like last season.


Maybe all conferences call them off for 1 year. Not likely because of the amount of money that some of the bigger leagues make off them.

lol its easy for us to say…we have a locked bid and are comfortable above everyone in the standings

the aac needs the aac tournament …
the p5 dont need it - there conference champs tend to hav already locked bids…
the aac has no secured bid besides us… the bid from the tournament is essential and what 80% our league is prepping for at this point, not even noting 2 or 3 teams will need resume wins from the tournament

All of our players have had Covid why would we skip the conference tournament.


The testing requirement pass for those who had covid only goes for a certain period of time…and there may be no exclusions for march madness…also people have gotten covid twice …it’s rare but possible…so it’s about the risk level.

We need all the reps we can get!

This is our year.

Shead, Mark, Tyson, Chaney and Robert’s need as many games as possible before the tourney.


Frank Martin from the Gamecocks in a public interview said we shouldn’t have them this year. The idea is floating too much for there not to be smoke. I would expect some teams to not play and some conferences to not have them. Question is how many.

I would be fine with us not participating, but we still have one for the conference. Maybe the only chance we have to get a second team in to the dance. Lol

I haven’t put a lot of thought into this, but what about shrinking the conference tourney? Instead of 8, make it four or two? Of course, that might not help the American get in a second or third team.

Maybe the NCAA could give conferences a little extra money if they cancel their tourney? The NCAA could justify this by noting that it increases the chances of a infection-free NCAA tournament, which is where the big money is?

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People basically do not get Covid twice from the information at hand. Very good chance those who have a a false positive.

If the conference has the tournament we will play.

Also by mid March we will be deep into the vaccination process.

I heard today that they don’t expect 2nd round of vaccinations, meaning people below age 65 to start in Houston til May.
Also, according to the game announcers a number of our players had to take covid tests prior to the Temple game…so even if they can or can’t get it again, the risk of a player missing a game with a false positive is now a reality

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Covid cases are dropping fast. Cases should be low enough by March that it is much less of an issue.

Clearly you have not been paying attention to the MSM !

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Well… I know several people personally who have had Covid multiple times.

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If the top team in the conference doesn’t play then the bid might be taken away. Right?

Per the NCAA website:

“COVID-19 testing and contact tracing will not be required for asymptomatic Tier 1 individuals who are at least two weeks post-infection and within 90 days of the first known date of infection, or participants who are at least two weeks post their second COVID-19 vaccine (or singular COVID-19 vaccine for FDA approved vaccines that require one dose only). These groups will still be required to wear masks and physically distance.”

Sick with Covid or tested positive ?

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sooo based on that, I think the majority if not all the team will be past the 90 day window right as the tourney begins.

A tourney would benefit teams like Memphis, WSU and SMU. It would be good to have a second team go dancing

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