Confidence in Khator

So with realignment talk in full swing again, how confident are we that Khator can pull off a major move for UH?

I’ve had the honor of meeting her personally a while back and I came away impressed at both her intelligence and her love for our school. It was a brief encounter, but from that meeting, I have no doubt that she will do what’s best for UH.

Having said all that, I’m not sure there’s much she can do, really. ESPN seems to be doing the string pulling and unless she’s actively talking to them, I don’t think the PAC or another conference may be interested.

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she will do all she can do, but TV and money will drive the expansion , its too bad the alumni and the city dont support the team all the time, but just when we are winning, its part of the reason we are in the boat we are in right now, too many years of fan apathy


That’s so true Banderacoogfan. While Renu Khator is a terrific leader, she can’t cure UH’s higher than normal alumni/casual fan apathy all by herself.


Fair weather city hurts us bad. With all of the people we have and moving in, it’s a shame there’s not a demand for tickets. They like to go to the bars, zoos, Astros games, and “cool” stuff.

I have complete confidence in Khator, in the end she might not be able to get it done, but she will do all she can do to get us to be in the best position she can.


It would be a combination of Renu and Tilman pulling the strings for this, not just Renu. Considering how boring and dead head personalities most university presidents are, we have ourselves two winners representing us. But they are no miracle workers either, but they give us a good edge on the leadership front if they focus on it.


She may have to burn a few bridges to get it done but I’m all for it :muscle:

Confidence — High.

Same. She will do everything in her power, but you can’t force a conference to do anything. Kinda like how no matter how many MySpace messages I sent Kate Beckinsale, she never came to my house.


If Dr Khator can get us into a $$ conference and make us AAU. We will have to erect a statue of her on campus. In my lifetime, she has been the greatest UH president.


I believe she should have a statue now. We will never have a president like her again. Dr. Khator has made an amazing legacy at U of H. It is incredible how she interacts with alumni and students, she makes people feel valued. When the college football realignment is done, no matter what happens, it won’t be because she did not do everything she could for the team and University.


She’s cool. I like her alright but Uncle Dave would have made the SEC call us. :sunglasses: :nerd_face: :crazy_face: :wink:

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Dr. Khator is the greatest UH chancellor/president ever…in anyone’s lifetime. She is loved by alumni, faculty, and students. She has earned respect from state and federal legislators, the business community in and around greater Houston, and from university presidents/ADs from coast to coast. There is not a conference or university official in the country that will not at least take her call. What she has accomplished for our university is amazing. The University of Houston is beyond lucky to have her. She is worth every penny she is paid and then a whole lot more. Capital campaigns, check. Tier One status, check. Increasing funds for research and development, check. Athletics have been elevated exponentially during her administration, check. Elevating faculty profile and rank, check. Elevating student profiles and rank, check. Increasing diversity, check. She has tried everything in her power to raise the profile and prestige of our university. On top of all that, she is smoking hot.


Add: Medical school, check!


Uncle Dave was a savior. Was it under his watch that we were about to sign Nebraska and Notre Dame? Nebraska backed out right before signing, and I have no idea what happened with Notre Dame.

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If we end up in a less-than-optimal situation, conference-wise, it won’t be for lack of solid leadership. Between Dr. Khator, T Fertitta and C Pezman, I believe we have the bases covered. Godspeed to our leadership.