Congrats Big 12

Kansas Jayhawks. Well deserved! One shining moment…


What a freakin bball conference.


First league to repeat as champs since the ACC in 2009 and 2010. Tech lost the championship game in 2019 in OT, so it was nearly a 3 peat.


I want an all B12 FF with us in it.


So will this title end up being “vacated?”

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Does this mean we get a prorated share of the earnings when we enter?

What is the Big 12 distribution table?

We did wear down Villanova for Kansas. They should be appreciative. :upside_down_face:



This will be the best basketball conference since the Big East was at its zenith.


Houston could make it three in a row.


Coogs will play in AAC in 2022/23 Basketball season

Agreed. Houston is better than Texas and Oklahoma and BYU/Cinci can easily replace their production


If the NCAA actually has the audacity to do that, then it will officially sign its own death warrant. My hope is that they do, so that the NCAA can be eliminated once and for all.

Also, once the NCAA is terminated, then Louisville, Michigan, Villanova, UCLA, and the other teams that had to vacate Final Four appearances and championships because of their BS will be restored. Fifty years from now, people are going to look back on the NCAA and laugh that there was ever such an organization, like we do about Prohibition.

So you would be okay with no more NCAA tournaments for basketball or baseball? With no more affiliation of all universities in a basketball national championship tournament, there would likely be numerous post season events similar to bowl games (we don’t have the NCAA involved in championships on the football side except at lower levels). I suppose the NIT becomes a big deal again.

Yes. Once the NCAA is eliminated, a new organization would rise and take its place.

I imagine that the networks and the colleges would figure something out. Too much money is at stake.

I don’t care which organization it is…I just want the rules to be fair, logical and enforced equitably.

There needs to be some oversight just like with the nfl or nba and it prob looks the same as ncaa or worse bc if the big dogs control it, they make it in their favor.

NCAA is going no where.

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