Congrats Rice U

Congrats on getting accepted into the AAC.

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Yep, on there way to becoming the Stanford of the South.

Houston university declared No. 7 in the U.S. and best in Texas


They still blow goats.

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All 12 of their fans are still celebrating.

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That link is surprising for the top 10 in Texas.
I was about to congratulate Rice but that
UH is not even listed and Trinity and LeTourneau are ???

  1. Rice University
  2. University of Texas — Austin
  3. Texas A&M University
  4. Southern Methodist University
  5. Trinity University
  6. Texas Christian University
  7. Baylor University
  8. LeTourneau University
  9. Texas Tech University
  10. University of Texas — Dallas

Here is how niche is rating. They ding us on campus, location, and safety.

University of Houston

#5 in Top Public Universities in Texas

  • 4 Year
  • Rating 3.63 out of 5 6,241 reviews

Overall Niche Grade

How are grades calculated?Data Sources

  1. Academics

grade A minus

  1. Value

grade A minus

  1. Diversity

grade A

  1. Campus

grade B

  1. Athletics

grade A

  1. Party Scene

grade A minus

  1. Professors

grade A

  1. Location

grade B minus

  1. Dorms

grade B

  1. Campus Food

grade A

  1. Student Life

grade A minus

  1. Safety

grade C


The 5th ward is under going gentrification and the only thing left is the 3rd ward now so in time but there is some going on in the 3rd ward.

Trinity is a very good school. It deserves to be ranked highly.

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