Congrats Temple or Congrats Refs...?

We went to the game and it looked like we got screwed on the technical foul calls and the charge to end the game. What did it look like on TV? Did we get screwed?


The 2 techs were crap.
The charge at the end may have been correct. It was close.

Charge at the end was legit (although IMO most refs swallow the whistle on a last second shot like that), the rest was a joke.


Charge was legit. The 1st Tech on Armoni hanging on the rim was legit.

2nd Tech on CKS taking his tie off was a joke and basically cost us the game.


Was the defender standing in the restricted area? It looked like he was and therefore it should have been a blocking foul and a single free throw to follow.

We missed 19 three pointers. Refs fault.

He was out but the majority of refs wouldn’t have called it that late in the game. There were a bunch bs calls besides the CKS tech that were petty. Even the commentators were on our side. I like how one was all about us. Never have seen that before.


Nope but the same bs calls should have been called for us as well.

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he was outside the circle, good call on the charge…bad on the second technical…
that’s okay we weren’t going to win em all…even phi slamma jamma didn’t do that.
arguably we needed a loss like this to get better…they needed a bitter close defeat…we continue to start slow…hopefully they come out from now on remembering the sting of defeat, knowing every second counts…


Why pick that stat? We shot 34.5% on the road and made 10-29 threes. That’s not bad at all.

I could understand if you picked out free throws, where we missed 6, or overall FG% (39.3%) or the fact that we got out rebounded 37-36 by a team that wasn’t a great rebounding team…but not three pointers missed.


I do kinda feel like if we could get that one Ref’s address, then every Cougar fan mails him a necktie.

I did in the other post.

You don’t need a loss to get better.

Lots of bad calls, like 4 phantom calls in a row, plus the technicals to swing the game. And you’re correct, the last seconds shots are almost never called. You can scrutinize the call and come away with the opinion that it was a charge but it wasn’t like Davis bulldozed him. His leg was stretched to the side trying to maneuver around him, so it’s not something you call at the end of a game.


Ok, sorry, didn’t see it.

I have been watching basketball since the early 1950s and have never seen a game deciding call
on the last play. Especially since the Temple guy moved and actually committed a blocking foul.


Charge call was legit. If it was the other way around I would’ve expected them to call it. Other calls were crap.

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If it was the other way around I wouldn’t expect the call, we probably wouldn’t get the call (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game end like that), and I would be complaining like hell about it.

The call was correct, but you don’t ever see that call made on the last play of the game. You also don’t see calls against the defense on the last play of the game, even though one could be called on 95% of them.

Personally I would have preferred a no call and overtime.


They took 11 more free throws than us. That, along with the incompetent call on Kelvin taking off his tie, were the difference.

Still, we didn’t play well. Didn’t rebound well in first half. Played too out of control at times in second half. I cringe when Jarreau has the ball. He’s so out of control at times.


They made most of their free throws like 23 that killed us"