Congrats to UCF and their National Championship

Wait… what?

But they’re the only undefeated team.

What? What do you mean they aren’t eligible?

That doesn’t make any sense.


They did not belong, they did not belong, they did not belong…YES THEY DID


I hope that Oklahoma beats SEC Champion Georgia and advances to the championship game to play 12-1 Alabama whose lone loss is to Peach Bowl participant Auburn. Alabama goes on to beat Oklahoma and the AP poll names UCF the AP poll National Champion for beating the team that beat Alabama. One can only hope for such a scenario.

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Not going to happen Georgia has a very good team.

UCF UCF UCF - great game and the better team won. Congratulations Looks like the American owns the Peach Bowl First our Houston Cougars now UCF Knights -twice in the last 3 years.


Power 6 may take on a life now.
It is proven on the field, not in a writers poll.

If Alabama wins it all, I think UCF could have a legitimate argument.


UCF is clearly better than Auburn and Alabama was clearly inferior to Auburn.
This system is built on bias to exclude the AAC.



Great thread, and my sentiments too

The AAC deserves a permanent spot in NY6 bowls.

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Coog51, a NY6 bowls spot means nothing. What would matter is a sure entry into the cfp. Anything else is a scam. Why are you accepting that we get peanuts while the P5’s get tens of $Millions? On what basis do they deserve this? They have none. UCF like UTAH and a us are a clear example that we belong in the cfp.

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We need to win our next bowl game!


Its to bad we are 7-6 since our new coach. It would be fun to be in the conversation.


P5 vs AAC in NY6 Bowls 0-3

B12 0-1
AAC 0-1
SEC 0-1

love the weak excuses from the cartel…bottom line—scoreboard

Proves beyond a doubt AAC champ deserves shot at the CFP, they have to expand this farce


It just got real, folks…


I prefer to sneak up up on them, like 2015.

We need a super Love emoji for stuff lime this!

Well here’s the executive director of the playoff cartel, in an interview with espn, as they both try to justify themselves for keeping UCF down:

"When asked about the criticism that the committee’s emphasis on strength of schedule will lock the Group of 5 out of the top four, Hancock disagreed, pointing to Houston’s schedule in 2016. Under then-coach Tom Herman, the Cougars opened the season with a nationally televised win over No. 3 Oklahoma and beat a ranked Louisville team in November. Had Houston gone undefeated that year, it could have been at least considered for a top-five finish, but the Cougars stumbled, losing to Navy, SMU and Memphis. Hancock said he hears people say the system is unfair to the Group of 5 teams, “but I don’t buy it.”

“I don’t believe it,” he said. “Look no further than Houston. Everything was teed up for them, a good schedule, a good conference schedule, and I just disagree with those people.”

As nice as it is to hear that in retrospect we really were right there on the cusp of getting in, it’s still terrible that they’d rather be on the backside of history. Tulane goes undefeated but can’t get in the BCS, they change the rule. Utah and TCU combine markets and domination, they get in to the club. The American consistently pumps out high end teams that win big games, and all he’s willing to allow is that in hindsight, a lot of what ifs make both enough of a bone to throw and also an excuse for short sightedness.

The first step is still to sign a deal with the Peach Bowl to automatically send the conference champion. Then the American becomes a contract conference, and the committee will consistent rank our teams higher to justify the matchup. Then our champion is regularly a top 10, and a schedule like we have in 19 and 20 will be plenty to push us over the threshold.

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