Connelly: How can we make the Playoff fair to non-powers?

Some good ideas here that will probably never come to fruition as he mentions in the article. Houston’s '15 & '16 seasons are mentioned.

The Playoff’s been even more tilted toward the Power 5 than I expected.

When the system was announced, I simulated how a CFP would have played out in each year of the BCS era (1998-2013), and I only had three mid-majors reaching the semifinals. But now that we’ve seen how the committee treats these teams every year, I would reduce this number, possibly all the way to zero.

In 2004, I now bet either one-loss Cal or one-loss Texas gets in over unbeaten Utah.

In 2009, I think one-loss Florida has a very good chance of getting the bid over unbeaten TCU or unbeaten Boise State.

In 2010, the odds of both one-loss Stanford and one-loss Wisconsin getting in over unbeaten TCU are decent.

The field broke the 2010 Horned Frogs’ way a little, and they had a track record — they were unbeaten in the 2009 regular season, too. That might have been enough to keep them above Andrew Luck’s Stanford and Russell Wilson’s Wisconsin, but it would’ve been really close.

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Combine P5 and G5 tv moneys and split equally


Why stop there? Why should C-USA schools get an equal share of an SEC tv contract but schools in the FCS do not? The only revenue that should be split evenly is the revenue collected by the NCAA itself.

The biggest problem with the current playoff, other than it being only a 4 team playoff, is the committee itself. They are not going to vote themselves out of power and they are not sanctioned by the NCAA. So the best way to combat the problem is for the NCAA itself to step in, sanction a BCS type rating system and call for an 8 team playoff.


Hope they expand it soon. 4-team playoff is boring.

Thanks for this. I’ve been touting the NCAA take over the FBS for a while now. I’m a fan of doing it the way the NCAA does it for DII. Regular season is cut to 10 games and playoff is 7 teams in 4 regions selected by a formula. #1 seed in each region gets a round 1 bye. That makes for a maximum 15 game season.

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It is not really a “4 team playoff” it is really the Alabama invitational…