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Texas state senator appointed by Lt Gov Dan Patrick to assess overall impact on the state of Texas that UT leaving Big 12 will have.
She is a UNT grad, so no big12 loyalties and probably had G5 sympathies. I think the case should be if UH had been included years ago the impact now of UT leaving might not be so bad.
They should add at least 2 schools to the Big 12 one being UH and that must stay in tact for 10 years before UT can leave.

Nobody is going to be added to the big 12. Their new markets are two jack rabbits and a tumbleweed. They will split between the MWC and AAC

I agree. The B12 is dead man walking.

But is it better for the AAC members to go to what’s left of the Big XII and hold onto those media contracts until they can pry them out of your hands? This only works if you are keeping all of the remaining Big XII members and only adding teams to “complete” the conference.

Its not that easy.

The B12 has serious financial revenue at stake. They won’t just say, “hey, we’re a dead man walking…lets go to the AAC, leave our money in UT’s account, and enjoy 7 million a year in the AAC.”

That’s not how this shakes out. I think its either a new conference or they pull from the AAC.

I hope Aresco can sort it out to our benefit.I still think its an Alliance until their contract expires wherein the two merge.


I would be more embarrassed joining the big 12 vs joining CUSA again

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How so? They are quantifiably better in football and basketball and baseball than the AAC…even without UT/OU.

Sometimes perception drives brand. But other times brand overcomes perception. I think vs the g5 the B12 residue is still a potentially stronger outfit.


How much did this one cost you at “Hot Takes r Us”


I checked she is retiring from the Austin Capitol cesspool.