Coog Draft Guesses

Let’s play a game -
Place your guess (round, pick, and team) of where our Coogs will be drafted tonight. Just go with your gut, or throw out random numbers.

Winner gets an autobiography of themselves written by Funk.

My guess:
Jarace Walker, First Round Pick 5 to the Detroit Pistons.
Marcus Sasser, First Round Pick 30 to the LA Clippers.

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i like your guesses. im stealing them

Walker to Indiana pick #7
Sasser to San Antonio pick #44

jarace is reportedly trending to indianna

sasser is projected anywhere from 23-45 and no rumored top team… my guess indiana just picked up 2 late 1st rounds … i think they pick up sasser to as my guess at 29

so my guess is both houston picks go to indiana


29 is Denver now?


Indiana has the 26th pick

Walker #7 to Indiana
Sasser #33 San Antonio

Rockets draft one of them…

Jarace 7-10 range
Marcus 33-39 range

Look at this guy, taking a range


Feeling that Walker will go in the first round range and Sasser will be in the second round range…

Would be cool for teammates to stay teammates.

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Jarace walker round 1 pick 7 to pacers
Marcus Sasser round 2 pick 32 to nuggets

Walker pick 7 to Indiana. Sasser pick 41 to Charlotte

Lol ight

Jarace to the Pacers at 7 and Marcus to the Magic at 36



Nuggets traded that pick to the pacers yesterday.

Pretty sure it was the opposite lol

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Lot of French guys this year

what is that kid from Kansas wearing my goodness…

funny, the forum wont let me type his name lol

D ick

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