Coogfans bracket

is there a espn coogfans bracket like last year?

If not we should absolutely make one

I joined this one


That’s the one I joined also

A UH diehard needs to win this.
They can talk nothing but UH sports for an hour straight (- commercial breaks) on NYC’s biggest sports station.

“We’re LIVE! Winner joins us in studio for 1 hour.”

I accidentally have A&M beating Tejas

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I have Colgate and Penn State to spite the committee

Can you imagine the meltdown in Austin if they lost to the Aggies in the round of 32? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

From a whorn perspective, which would be worse, losing to ATM in the round of 32 or us in the elite 8? I’m thinking losing to ATM in the round of 32 and us winning the championship would be the worst. They’d have to listen to Aggie and Cougar fans.

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Oh, Im counting on it :slight_smile: :smiley: :crazy_face:

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Ill take a victory over either and ver badly.

I got penn state over a&m, Xavier over Texas, and memphis getting donkey stomped by purdue

Same here

Purdoo gonna get beat by Memphis. I should know, my bracket last year was in the top 10.3 millionth percentile.

purdue and memphis both disappoint
fau…fdh should be fun game