Coogfans dig the long ball

I’m currently writing up my post game analysis, but just wanted to comment on how efficient King is on the long ball. By my unofficial count he hit 5 of his 7 passes for 209 yards and a TD. And that’s not even including Dunbar’s 75 yard TD which came on a 10 yard slant. To me a “long ball,” post or whatever you want to call it is a pass that’s thrown more than 20 yards in the air.

I realize this was just ECU, but if he can keep this up this offense will be really dangerous.


It’s only what we have all been asking for this whole time. If you can’t keep the opposing defense honest by stretching the field vertically, then they will stack the box to stop the horizontal game. King’s accuracy with the long ball opens the run and screen game up.


Helps that King throws a perfect long ball. Kid can really spin it up.


His arm looked really good today. TV guys commented on his high release.


Chicks dig the long ball. Wait, what


Really impressed with King’s touch and the long passes, fun to watch him throw it.


I believe one of the incompletions was a drop too.

lol It’s funny we haven’t seen any of the “we have no WR’s with speed” guys complaining on this post…

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