Coogfans Fantasy Football

Coogfans. I have a Coogfans fantasy football league that I have held the last 4 years that has 3 spots open. I run it via Yahoo. It is a free league and purely for entertainment only… no cost and no winnings except for the maintenance of pride. There is some minor trash talking but it’s all in good fun. We all have a good time.

The first 3 that reply to me will get an invite from the league to go join. Just send me a private message via this forum. All I need is your email address to send the invite.

Yahoo will hold an online draft next Monday at 9:00 am. For those that can’t make that, it is completely fine. Yahoo will pick your team for you based on your draft rankings, or Yahoo’s default rankings if you don’t make updates to it.

Go Coogs!


2 spots left… get em while they are hot!

:joy: every year

Thanks, gents. That should be it for now.

Just to be clear, this is for NFL, right?

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