Coogfans Season Awards?

Hey guys,

I love this board and want to see it improve. I came up with the idea of having awards at the end of the season like the American conference. We can have an MVP, Defensive player of the year, sixth man of the year, Rookie of the year, and most improved.

I think the mods need to get on this and start this next year since it’s a little late now. I’d be happy to become a mod to lead this process. If I had to pick the awards this year I would go:

MVP: Pesik
Defensive POY: Joprior23
Six Man POY: Funk
Rookie of the year: Dikk Noltorsen
Most Improved: Dan
Hater of the year: Pearland


Fun Idea — my only suggestion — praise only, ignore the haters…



Can we also have awards for the topics below?

Meltdown Thread of the Year:
1st UH vs Temple basketball game

Best Thread Complaining About Poor Attendance:
Too many to choose from in basketball and football.

Best Thread For Complaints About CDH:
UH vs Tech game thread and UH vs Kansas game thread


The only ones who deserve any reward are the moderators on the Dana, er, football board!


Most entertaining poster: @ehog


Can we give the Inside Scoop Of The Year Poster award to @Twinmom


Thanks. I’d like to dedicate this award to the $1400 dollars I spent on Elite 8 tickets that it looks like I’m going to have to eat because no one will buy them even at much under 50% what I paid. Oh, and my fans who without them none of this is possible. Oh. yeah. and this award is very humbling

edit: oh and I tried to lower the price on stubhub, and instead they just deactivated the listing because “we cant ensure the tickets will be delivered”. so…thanks

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jealousy isnt a good look on you, friend

Generational talent right here lol


Same here: felt like Whorn fan would buy ours but ate them too

We should add an Award for Coog Culture & History Steward for someone that contributes with UH Culture & History posts, whether it’s UH Sports related or not.

My nominee for the year would be @Woodedge


Annual Coogfans Awards is overdue. It should be easy to pull this information.

Person with most posts.
Post(s) with most views and responses.
Post with most likes.

We need some opinion categories to make it entertaining.

*one and done lol

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Instead of awards, just divide the men’s basketball forum into two forums: basketball reality forum and delusional fanboy forum.


Dikk, you forgot “first banned poster”: Dikk

Too many to list . . . . .