Coogs after Corey Davis - BOOM!

Davis is a Sophomore PG currently at San Jac. Last year he played in 18 games and averaged 13.4 PPG and 5.8 APG. This year, he’s played in 17 games and averages 17.8 PGG and 4.2 APG while shooting 50.7% and 44.6% from 3.

He’s also a teammate of Chris Harris.

Hope we land him as we need another PG.

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It would be awesome to land them as a packaged deal! (Harris & Davis) Also, it would be a great way to get two pretty good players from San Jac, in their last year as a basketball program…

Would soften the blow if Rob Gray decides to turn pro.

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Chris Harris is putting nice numbers as the 6th man. He had 8 rbs and 7 blks at the last game. Corey Davis is soooo efficient. He has had 0 turnovers in his last 2 games.

San Jac is like 18-0 and is having a real good season. They’re deep and talented. I’m glad for them in their last year of existence.

Guessing he was there to watch Corey Davis and Chris Harris.

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If CKS can land these two, I would be ecstatic. Mr. Alley is out there too. Then in 2018 with the new arena I expect a fantastic class. @pray10

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I think Corey is close to committing to UH. That would leave UH at one available ship coach Sampson may use. If my gut is right, I think Cedric Alley would be someone I wouldn’t mind getting. I would of love a Center, but I think CKS is rolling with Brady & Valentine at Center next season. Probably play Fabian White at the 5 when UH goes small; sort of the way UH used Tashawn Thomas.


Is Harris going to have to play another year at San Jac?

Looks like it Butch; unless he can transfer to UH as a sophmore from San Jac. (He is listed as a freshman at San Jac) I think that hope is gone. I hope I’m wrong, and he surprises us.

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I think you are right Progs, but I still would love to have that pg to help run the team next year…

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San Jac won’t have a team after this year, so he won’t be there.

Depends on Harris’s grades at this point. If they are good, he’ll be with the COOGS. If not, he’ll still be in JUCO somewhere. He can transfer at any point from JUCO though; we got Gray after one year.

Next season is the last year.

So what is the status on Valentine? Was he redshirted this year? As much as I appreciated all that Meyer brought to the team UH was one center short of being a contender. Valentine could fill a great need.

Whoops thought it was this year.

Valentine redshirted this year. Was injured coming into camp and wouldn’t have been game shape ready until midway through the year. They decided redshirting was the best option and rolled with what they had.

Kyle Meyer was just a body.

Kyle, to his credit, hustled his rear off the entire year…you really can’t ask a kid to do anymore than that. He was asked to play center for us most of the time and did the best he could.
Bottom line is that he was our best option. He never really got into the offensive flow for one reason or another, but he had a decent outside shot for a big. He simply could not get off his shots around the basket…


Honestly I don’t think coach is expecting Harris this year anyways. It looks like he can play next year at San Jac before they close the doors.
I still want the point guard, but he was sent there by ULL after initially signing with the Cajuns. Former SHSU coach Bob Marlin is pretty close to the kid from what I understand…