Coogs at Oregon on Pac-12 Networks


I just want to put out a disclaimer. If the Refs are anything like these CUSA refs from Rice or Pac12 refs from the WSU game. We’re in trouble.


Thanks for the tip!

Any places to watch it like Buffalo Wild Wings type places?? Live outside of San Antonio and have direct tv

Problem is most Sports bars like BWW use DirecTV as do I. Unfortunately PAC12 and DirecTV never came to carriage fees agreement so can’t watch on DirecTV :fearful:


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I just downloaded the Pac12 Live App. It shows the UH game tonight. Doesn’t appear like I have to create any log in credentials. Hoping it works.


This is correct. If you can find a sports bar that has Dish Network they should have it. That would be a tough find though.

At this point I’m resigned to just listening to Jeremy and looking around for a back alley stream.

I find that odd that the PAC12 network would allow one to see a game without having a provider. But if it works…their will be no complaints out of me

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try this as well, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll go with Reddit streams.


Risky clicks never fail. lol Unless your antivirus isn’t current (Been there done that. Threw away computer).

Very easy to access APP.

I couldn’t get the app to work with my uverse login, signed up for the sling trial.

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Heads up: when I go to the app’s website, it says it DOES require provider login information.

Is the app legit and tied to the real PAC 12 Network?

I downloaded and tried the iOS app and after 5 minutes it wanted auth with your provider. mine is xfinity which doesn’t or my plan doesn’t have pac-12. i’ll be looking for somewhere in ft bend to watch!

I just went to Pac-12 Live | Pac-12 and the UCLA game that is on now played right up for me. Im on Comcast internet, but didn’t sign into a thing on the website.

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c’mon fellas… pac 12 will not let you watch for free! our best options are FuboTV free trial or Sling free trial. Don’t wait til the last minute. Go Coogs!


Guess I’m signing up for sling tonight.

I don’t see a free trial, anyone have a link for that? Either way, I’ll probably fork over the $25 to watch the game. Pay per view Coogs!


Appears Sling is not offering a free trial and the PAC 12 Network is only available with an extra sports package which will cost more $$.

Let us know if you find a place in fort bend.