Coogs beat Nebraska

Houston Cougars win the 1980 Cotton Bowl in dramatic fashion - YouTube
Here is some past glory to get us ready to win some games


Dang. I forgot we could of possibly got a pick six on the kickoff!

I was there! What a day and great memories!

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It certainly sounded like we had a great crowd.

What a great game. I was there with the girl I would later marry. And then divorce.

I was there as well with my siblings and friends. What a great game and day for Cougar Nation. Go Coogs!

I almost lost my friggin mind when Herring caught that ball, what a big win for the coogs!!!

I was there for that 17-14 last seconds come from behind win led by Terry Elston. Earlier in the year I was at aTm for our 17-14 last seconds come from behind win led by Terry Elston. Both were just great! It was great beating #7 Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl, but it was more satisfying beating aTm at their house. I didn’t know any Nebraska fans, but I worked with a lot of aTm and UT fans and alumni.

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A great game and victory for UH. It was 40 years ago. JMHO, we need new victories to become grand memories 40 years from now. Of course, I won’t be around in 2061, but some of you 20-somethings might be. Go Coogs!

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I was there, great weather and great win and finish to a great season

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We were there married, thankfully still married, and we will be there Saturday. :wink:

It was the first college football game of the decade on national TV. One year removed from the Notre Dame game and completely turnaround of weather conditions.
This was the pinnacle of UH football, appearing in three Cotton Bowls in the first four years of playing in the Southwest Conference.
Beating Maryland and Nebraska while coming up one-point short to Joe Montana and Notre Dame on the final play.
To quote the singer Meatloaf, “Two out of three ain’t bad.”


I was there, The pinnacle of Bill Yeoman Football.

The greatest defensive team we have ever had, Ever.


I was there as well…and for ND.

I was there for both the Aggie and Nebraska wins, which were two of the most incredible last second wins in Cougar sports history. Eric Herring was as clutch a wide receiver as anyone who has ever donned a UH uniform, and QB Terry Elston was cool as a cucumber in pressure situations. Seeing the end of the '80 Cotton Bowl brought back a flood of great memories from when I was an undergrad at our beloved alma mater. Now we need to get the football program back to a level where young Coogs currently in school can reminisce about special wins and great seasons one day like those of us fortunate enough to have experienced during our university’s early SWC days.


Great video, I knew they beat Nebraska but not on 4th down!!! lol

Coach Yeoman had a football commemorating this game in his office. When I had an office next to him, I would routinely flip the football around so you couldn’t see the score, he would eventually flip it back and I’d repeat the process. This went on for years. (I went to Nebraska for those who don’t know me). GBR! Go Coogs!


For all of the youngsters on the Board, James was one of the hardest working/best Senior Assistant ADs we have EVER had…
A great friend of the program and a great friend to many on this Board…
James, always great to have your input !!!


I was at all of those games, too. Great, great memories. In those days, no matter who or where the Coogs were playing, we expected to win, and usually did. As far as the 1980 Cotton Bowl with Nebraska – it didn’t feel like a Cotton Bowl – it was too hot!! You are supposed to be freezing your butt off at a Cotton Bowl.

James, it’s good to hear from you. What are you up to these days. Where are you now?