Coogs doing better than the other new teams

I’ll be honest. Our coogs are doing better than I thought coming into their first year in the big 12.

And if the coogs beat UC and UCF, both schools that have also been struggling too, they could end up avoiding a losing record season (most likely they lose to OSU).

Here are the current standings of the teams below Houston.

I’m still salty about Rice and Texas.


Here we go again with the illusion of improvement.


I didn’t say there was improvement. The record and scores are what they are.

I apologize. The illusion of competence.


I will say all Big 12 schedules aren’t the same.

BYU played at Kansas, at TCU, at Texas, at West Virginia

And beat Cincinnati & injured Texas Tech at home

Cincinnati is for sure the worst. UCF blowing a huge lead to that Baylor team. Yeah, they stink too

At least UH has their QB in place for next yr.


I didn’t say the coogs were competent either.

We’ll see what happens the next 3 games if the coogs avoid a losing record. I thought they’d only win 2 games this year (Rice and SHS) before the season started.

Maybe I misunderstood what you were saying. I thought you were using other team’s lack of performance to quantify ours.

What were your expectations before the season started with this schedule?

How many wins did you really expect this coogs team could win?

Coogs have games against UC, OSU, and UCF. What’s your prediction on the last 3 games?

Like what I posted, I thought the coogs would win only 2 games (max 3 with UTSA) this year.

I thought we would win 3. But those were analytical projections. Not my objective idea as a supporter.

So you thought we would win 3 as well before the season. Your estimation was like mine then.

Maybe your “objective idea” as a supporter was not being objective.

So if the coogs pull off wins against UCF and UC, then we’re looking at a 6 win season. That would be better than both our expectations.

Believe me, I’m still irritated with the UT and Rice loses and how they lost to Kansas St, but the team is what it is. And I never had any expectations for this coogs team to be any good.

We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.

I thought we would win five games.
While Dana is not perfect, he has us in a position do do better than the other new comers which most of the posters would feel have better head coaches.
I think CDH has earned another year, We will see who rises to the top without TU and OU.
If we are still just better than mediocre next year, replacing him will be warranted.


My objective expectation as a supporter is the team would be competent in most phases of the game. Since Belk lost his inherited recruits we’re as porous as a wet paper towel in year 5. We have no running game. Our kicking game is dreadful. Special teams are iffy at best. And when we win it’s either a 500-1 miracle or by a whisker against the worst team in the league. My objective expectations apply to Dana’s entire tenure and his improvement or lack there of.

But waaaaay down in those dark crevices of both of our minds we know this ends in disaster.

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“My objective expectation as a supporter is the team would be competent in most phases of the game.”

Lol. That’s not being objective. If the coogs would be competent in “most phases” we would have a winning record now and be talking bowls.


You are hearing me. My objective expectation applies to his tenure and where we should be now. But you keep going back to this year as if the MF started in September.

Belk has to go !!!

End of story !!!


I would say that Special Teams Coordinator, Mark Scott, is on thin ice.


Our recruiting sucks. That has to change or we will be digging ourselves in a deeper hole.


I’m detecting a trend here. This staff sucks in multiple areas.


LOL, I cant imagine what would have been posted if we had lost this game. When winning just isnt good enough.

There was a “cougar fan” posting (trolling) on the Baylor Sic’em 365 actually rooting for UH to lose. How low can you go?

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I think we beat Cincinnati, lose to OSU and get manhandled in UCF unfortunately

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