Coogs entering the Transfer Portal--2024


Man. They are sending many guys into portal. If you want playing time hit portal the staff is saying. I guess all teams do it.


We should make new sections for the following:

  • Transfer Portal
  • NIL
  • High School Recruiting
  • Realignment
  • Commuter School
  • Attendance
  • Football

Don’t forget a section for all things ut.


I suspect it’s not all NIL but fit in the new system. Offense seems to have shifted to a run first or establish the run then, throw.

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And Dana guys

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Karson Jones wasn’t going to play. Neither was Tevin Shaw, who also entered the Portal. And we’re losing a couple of reserve tight ends, which tells me Malik Carr has taken ownership of the position and that Tech transfer, Jayden York, has probably looked good. He or returning starter Matt Byrnes will likely be on the other side in two tight-end sets.

Here it is @red80 . But doesn’t work well , I guess.

CJ Nelson in the portal

Logan Compton in the portal

Are all these guys assured of finding homes ?

Nothing is assured.

Nope not even close.

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I can tell you it’s stressful for them. Putting game film together or pratice film. Contacting coaches etc. Like being evicted with no place to move. The tweets don’t the full story.

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Was Logan Compton the other dude whose dad is on coogfans?

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That would be correct.

Man…. is it us?

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I mean?? :mask::man_shrugging:

The only one that’s been treated w decency imo is Twinmom. Others… hmmm, not so much.

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I’ve wondered what percentage of players find new teams.

We treated aunt Amy ok