Coogs get 7 votes in Preseason Coaches' Poll

Puts us around 49th and 5th among AAC teams.

As much as I don’t agree, it’s not unwarranted.

Let’s us keep the underdog moniker and is locker room motivation material for the kids.

And the only polls that matter don’t come out for several months still.


I’ll take it! It means that we are being thought of as a power and yearly player.

Go Coogs!

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LMAO!!! Texas ranked 23 after a 5-7 season. Totally unbiased Whorn love right there.


I hope Durkin shocks them week 1! :joy:

Agree on Texas.

Dear teams above us: win OOC games, and keep winning until we play you. Thanks👍🏼


Outside of some pretty intense skepticism about Major Applewhite, I don’t think there are a lot of reasons to put us behind Tulsa. They lost A LOT of seniors last year. If they’re as good this year as they were last year, they’ll probably never be bad under Montgomery again. I think if there’s a private school in the West to be scared of this year, it’s probably SMU.

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I think Tulsa returns their entire offensive line, and Tulsa gets Memphis at home as well. The race for the West is not Memphis and us, it is Tulsa and us.

New coach and new QB. Underdog year. Wouldn’t be surprised if CTH gave us some love.

Am cautiously optimistic, knowing that CMA has been here and called plays the last two seasons, hoping that he will have this team ready , 3-0 heading to the tech game.
Win against tech and jump to top 20, hope tech upset Okie State following week and there it is, you are a top 15 team just like that.

But…but…Something tells me after Oklahoma last year and considering the bye week, CMA might just take his foot off the pedal against Tech, to rest his team going into conference.

Pre-season polls are no real…it is the pre-season. Polls remind me of video games. This is pure fantasy.
Like many of you have pointed out. Let’s lead from the back and knock everybody in front. That is the best way to make our case to a P5 invite.

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I think that we deserved a few more votes than that.

Then again, pre-season rankings don’t mean jack squat.

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Although I agree or can’t argue much about the top 10, this poll loses all credibility when you have a 5-7 team ranked 23rd in the nation. Regardless of it being Texas who most of us can’t stand, it is hard to believe that a team that has gone 6-7,5-7, and 5-7 in the last 3 years is somehow the 23rd ranked team in the nation.


While I agree, the teams that begin the pre-season in the polls have an easier time moving up. UT has NO business being in there until they prove they should be.


Just wait. If UT is 2-0 and somehow beats USC on 9/16, they’ll be a top 5 team the next week.

Tulsa kept their entire OL, but they lost their QB, their top 2 recievers, and half of their RB committee. They also lost a lot in their defensive secondary. I don’t see a very good argument for them being better this year than they were last year.

Agree. Tulsa takes half a step back this year.

To be fair, if UT is 3-0 after beating USC in Los Angeles, they probably deserve to be a top 5 team or at least a top 10 team. Don’t see them winning that game though, but I think they go 8-4 or 9-3 as their schedule is weak (because most of the Big 12 is weak).