Coogs honor Daniel Ponce de Leon

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What a great honor for him. I remember when he pitched for us and he always seemed ready for the big games. Well I could have implanted some good memories in this 59 yr brain. I know he blows off his injury but everybody knows a blunt trauma force to the head still could have medical effects down the road. I’m sure the doctors are keeping an eye on it. I know I watched that game he started and it seemed back to 2013 with his ball control plus in all the interviews he seems a well spoken good Man. I always pull for kids like him. Well maybe I shouldn’t put in the “The well spoken” part. You can still be a good man and not be well spoken. LOL. I know some, like me, whose not so well spoken, me with my thick tongue and a brain that naturally goes 100 mph and I have to catch the word I need to speak. At least I quit stuttering around the 5th grade. LOL.
Congrats Daniel Ponce de Leon for a well deserved Honor